May Plan With Me: Rainbows and Clouds

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Hey, Masha here from Masha Plans.

Today we are setting up May in my Bullet Journal. I decided it’s time to bring some bright colors and happiness to our pages, so the theme will be rainbows and clouds!

Get your supplies ready and let’s plan together!


Speaking of supplies, here are the ones that helped me rock this theme.

Notebook: B5 by Archer and Olive.

Fineliners: my favorite Pitt Artist pens by Faber Castell.

Colors: I actually have a Rainbow set of Tombow Twin Tone markers so I thought they’d be perfect for this theme!


We’ll be starting from a cover page, of course.

I decided to not just go very bright on my colors, but also create different personalities to the clouds.

I feel like it makes this theme a bit more fun and interesting. If they were just cloud doodles, they’d all look pretty similar. But if you animate them, they all suddenly have their own unique personalities, which is adorable!

bullet journal, cover page, rainbow theme, bujo, masha plans, plan with me, archer and olive


One page monthly log is great in a B5 notebook because, as you can see, I’ll still have enough space to write things in daily boxes.

Plus, I have space for my monthly to-do list, which is great, since I usually don’t have a very big list to occupy the entire page.

If you need the measurements for the calendar: each box is 4 squares wide and 5 squares high.

bullet journal, monthly log, masha plans, bujo monthly, plan with me, archer and olive


B5 journal is actually 31 squares wide, so I thought I might use it to my advantage and create a one-line habit tracker. One line for each habit.

If you want, you can add dates inside the squares, or maybe mark weekends in some special color. Personally, I was probably too tired from drawing all those boxes and thought it should be ok that way hahaha. Blob Masha strikes back! 

I don’t track that many habits so I managed to add another important monthly section - a goals page. As you can see, I have several categories of my goals and on the right, I’ll be writing what are some big steps I’ll do for it each week.

habit tracker, bullet journal, bujo tracker, plan with me, masha plans, archer and olive


The mood tracker is my must-have spread for these difficult times, so of course, I have to add one here as well.

This one really took a while to finish, but it’s worth it! I had fun drawing all these cuties and coming up with different expressions.

The tracker works like all my favorite trackers - I have moods categorized from good to bad and there is a color chart for it at the bottom left.

I’ll use the color that represents my day better to color the cloud for that day.

masha plans, mood tracker, bullet journal tracker, archer and olive, bujo


You guys, shopping therapy is real! Especially now when I have access to so many things I never had access to.

So yeah, shopping…

Now that hubby isn’t around to give me stern looks whenever I want to buy some crazy and completely useless stuff, I have to keep myself accountable in some way. That’s why I decided to create this tracker.

When I have to write down each purchase, it’s much easier to, first of all, see when things will be arriving, and second, to make sure that I only buy the things I actually need.

I did end up needing a lot of things since my one week trip turned out to be more than a month-long and of course, there are so many things I needed, from simple self-care items to home clothes and socks.

bullet journal, tracker, shopping tracker, masha plans, rainbow bujo, archer and olive


Another thing I’m adding to my bujo this month is the finances tracker.

I do have more expenses than usual - I have to buy groceries and tons of other things. I’m in a new country, the prices are all different so my usual budget doesn’t really work here.

Since all the payment goes through cards it’s much easier to pay for things and spend money, so I need an extra something to keep me accountable. And that is this tracker - it’s my way to stay accountable and track how my financial situation is changing.

bullet journal, bujo, finance tracker, bujo tracker, masha plans, archer and olive


This is what you get when you don’t plan out your pages properly. It would be better if I had my mood tracker and gratitude log in one spread, and shopping and financial tracker on the other.

Always plan your pages! Just the placing can help so much.

I’ll work with what I have though, so I’m adding a gratitude log as the last page for May. As always, it looks a bit empty before the pen, but I’ll make sure to fill it out with tons of wonderful memories and things.

gratitude log, bujo, bullet journal, masha plans, archer and olive


I, of course, wanted to leave you with something special and I decided on a mood tracker. Drawing all these clouds can be daunting so I’m saving you some time.

I hope you enjoy coloring it and it will bring you a smile every day.

Be sure to sign up in the link below you get your free printable.

free printable, mood tracker, archer and olive, masha plans

Hope you guys enjoyed this Plan With Me post and if you ever decide to recreate any of these pages, please tag me (@mashaplans) and @archerandolive on Instagram, we’d love to see your creations!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and it’s ok to be a blob if you need to.


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