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Q. How do you work from home with a toddler?

A. I wish I had a better answer for this question but the simple answer is, I don't! He goes to school or my mom's house every day. As much as we try and encourage independent play, he's not old enough to play on his own for any significant amount of time.


Q. How did you find a manufacturer to work with?

A. The process of finding a manufacturer was definitely a long one! I simply started by googling "notebook manufacturer" and sent sample requests to about 87623 factories. Eventually, after going back and forth for years, learning how to be firm, and communicating the exact specs I wanted in a notebook - I was able to form a partnership with a reliable and environmentally responsible manufacturer. 


Q. How do you deal with mental health and owning a business?

A. In the beginning, it was very difficult, as I would have days of depression, yet still NEEDED to get orders out. To me, if I could only do one thing a day - I made sure it was to fulfill my commitment to my customers. It's easier now that I have an amazing team to help out. Now I'm able to take mental health days.  Knowing yourself, and knowing the minimum you can do on your worst days is so important so you don't over commit on your best days. 


Q. Will you ever paint anything besides flowers?

A. No.  Jk - People go through phases, and I'm open to accepting whatever the universe puts in my heart. 


Q. How did Archer & Olive become so popular?

A. There was a need in the market, and I filled it at the right time! Because I'm my ideal customer, it's easy (and fun!) to imagine what the community wants next. I also believe in doing good business, being kind, and embracing your community. I think all of these help build a strong brand. 


Q. How do you make your photos so white?

A. My photos are taken using natural light on an Iphone. I then edit them in photoshop, so the background is lightened without losing any of the colors or contrast in the original work of art. 


Q. What advice do you have for someone just starting their business?

A. Stick with it! And learn to adapt. I started about 5-6 years ago as a wedding stationer, and it took several iterations before A&O became the brand you know today. 











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