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Painting In Your Bullet Journal

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  • By : Bonnie Kuhl

    Painting, journaling, and planning go hand in hand for me. I wanted to design a notebook that allowed you to do all three. Archer and Olive dot grid journals have thick pages, which make painting (and journaling) a breeze. Get inspired with these three ways you can add paint to your dot grid journal.



    Painting in your bullet journal

    1. Add a colorful floral header

    Use gouache or watercolor to add a colorful floral header. While you can add paint to the entire page, sometimes it's nice to just add a simple floral accent.  




    Painting in your bullet journal

    2. Black and white

    We recently released our blackout book - so if you're looking for a book with all black pages, you should check it out. But if you only want to include a page or two with a black background, gouache is a great medium to use in your Archer and Olive journal. 


    When painting an entire background black, place a sheet of cardstock behind your page, so black paint doesn't get on the edges of other pages. 

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    3. Black with color

    Use a flat brush and black gouache to coat the entire page, and allow a few minutes for drying. Once the page is completely dry, begin adding other paint (or gel pens!) on top.  

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